Wednesday, September 08, 2004

My Happ|ness~

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Recent events that happened gave me the idea to write about happiness (or, 'shiawasete' in japanese :p)

What happened was this : -

4th September 2004, 11.00pm ( Saturday ) : Me, Sarah, Gem, Nini, Sissy and None had our yamcha session in Sunway Pyramid's Coffee Bean on impulse. What I mean by impulse is that me and Sarah (who got there first) just decided where to go. That was because None wanted to go elsewhere not our usual Central Perk. So after me and Sarah settled down, Nini and Gem arrived. Shortly after them, None. Then later Sissy joined us. Basically had our usual yamcha, with loud laughter and friendly banter that somehow will go back to the guys being gay (=_=;)

So, after about an hour and a half there, Sissy decided to go for supper in Kepong. Dimsum actually. Feeling adventurous and 'in-the-mood' everyone quickly agreed. We finished our drinks and off we went, in 4 cars. Me & Sarah in one, Gem & Nini in another, None and Sissy each drove their own cars. So halfway there, we sorta got lost as the guys suggested that we should go to another place to have dessert instead of dimsum. I actually kinda know where that place is, it's just that I would need some time to explore. Anyways, me and Sarah got separated from the rest and in the end, we found the place (which was called 'Kei Tak Sek' direct translation = Remember to eat) but alas, it was closed.

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So called the rest to tell them and somehow me and Sarah managed to find the rest and we had our dimsum. Arihito joined us after a while. He just got off work and was drunk. =_=; All in all, we had a great time. I knew I had a great time but what I didn't know was that Gem and Sarah had a super time.

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When we got home, Sarah sms-ed me telling me how happy she was that day. Reason being Sissy actually acknowledged her presense and in Gem's words, 'spoke to her, laughed at her jokes, looked at her and basically just acknowledged her' She kept telling me that she was 'super happy' I'm telling you, that was really infectious. We all agreed that it was like back to old times. I was smiling to myself and happily typing on my cell. Bet Sarah was smiling to herself and to quote her 'smile until can see my wisdom tooth and by tomorrow, my mouth will be bigger!' *lol*

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Gem also sms-ed and she was also saying that she enjoyed the night and she was really glad that things were all right. She then confessed that suddenly, she felt like she was falling in love all over again. Asked her if she was sure and all. She was like 'I am sure' T-T sigh.... Can't say much, I told her. For if I know how to get rid of this feeling, I would have done it long long time ago. T-T

So yeah, the day ended on a very happy note. I told Sarah, that I am had a great time too. But, I can't seem to shake off this feeling. That it was only missing one person, then the night would be perfect for me. =_=; Sarah guessed correctly, who this person was. Sigh.. I do miss him. And I kinda wish that I don't.

Anyway!!! This is supposed to be about 'shiawasete' !!! =_=; So, yeah, that was how I kinda got this topic. (pardon my England.. dunno why it's a bit crap these few days)

My Happness:

I guess, simple things makes me feel happy. Things like seeing my friends being happy (like on Saturday), hearing my favorite song on the radio, doing up a new survey, reading emails from friends (personal ones mind you, not forward emails), recieving a call from certain someones, listening to the rain fall and going out with my buddies on a simple yamcha at Central Perk.

A pop-up that says 'Ano hito is online' (haehahe that's 'a certain someone' in japanese), a cute forward sms from Sarah or a piece of advice from Gem. French toast from Kim Gary, hazelnut Cadbury chocs, a long drive alone in my car, leaves swirling round on a windy day...

All these things seriously make me very happy. The very thought that I have great friends like I have makes me smile. I am someone who is easily pleased.

Seeing a new comic book out on the news stand, watching my baby cousin smile, reading a funny story, checking out a new website, recieving a msg (doesn't matter online or on my celly) from a long lost friend, watching fireworks in a field with a few friends (even if that mean we will be giving mosquito buffet again), having picnics in parks at night, having cook-outs in my house.. all these things do not cost much, but they do mean the world to me.

And yeah I am happy~ :)

*~* shiawase *~*

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Im not gay... I tell you once again.. Im no gay... T_T...

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