Thursday, September 16, 2004

Looking out for each other

It was an eventful day today... Joined my new colleagues for lunch and had a tour of the new office that I will be working in from next Monday onwards....

People there are OK (well, first impression) and they seemed to be friendly. Well, let's hope they stay that way..

Went home after that.. went online for a bit... chatted with Speed Dial No.6 and after that, napped for abit... Finally I can sleep at night. Maybe it was the stress of me finding a job being off my shoulders. :) Am so damned glad that I am gonna be OK. Big thanks and hugs go to people who were there for me throughout this whole ordeal. Think without them, I would still be floundering around..

Well... after that, went for yamcha but before that, me and Gem had 'tong sui' somewhere near Sarah's place. Actually, had a talk with Gem about Sarah's joblessness. It's been 2 years and all... but she had yet found a job. After finishing our dessert, we went to pick Sarah up. On the way to Central Perk, I tried to drop subtle hints on how to get jobs and where abouts with vacancy. By the sound of her reply, she is not very pleased that we are AGAIN touching on this topic. So me and Gem just let the topic drop tru...

I am pretty amazed by how she can actually keep afloat throughout this two years without a job. We had tried to advice her but she would tell us that she wants a place where there is public transport (as she doesn't have a car) and it is not too far etc etc... I understand her situation, but then I would also think that with all these thinking and no action, when will she get a job?

I was also telling Gem about Speed Dial no.6 and PK's(my cousin) concern towards her work situation and Gem was surprised and touched that there are so many people caring about her. Actually, yeah, we look out for each other and I was too abit surprised that Speed Dial 6 asked me about Sarah. Maybe it was cause he wasn't as close as we are to Sarah. But yeah, it just felt nice to know that we do look out for each other...

:p discovered that I can connect to RO... Will be kicking some cute stuff's butt for now... Till I get more inspiration~

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