Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Forgotten Dreams

Had some time yesterday, so was just rummaging round. Found some sealed boxes which I had put away some of my old books years ago. So I thought maybe I take some old books out to reread them.

Inside the box were loads of musty and dusty books. Most of them I can't remember that I've bought them. And then I spied a few boxes, which I have totally forgotten about!! It contains letters I have received from friends and pen pals dated as far back as 1994!! Found a few funny letters from this Italian pen pal I had. Was pretty funny so I thought I would bring it to show Gem, Sarah and Arihito later during yamcha.

Then, underneath a pile of dusty romance novels, I saw a soft pastel pink ribbon. It was my old pointe shoes. It looks pretty much worn out. I took them out and tried them on... It still fits~ (And I can still go on points... *miracle!!*)

Funny how fast I have chucked that pair of shoes into my sealed box after I've made my decision to stop ballet. I do love ballet, but then after 9 years of ballet (or torture, I would say at that time) I got quite sick of it. Now reminiscing about those days in leotards and tights, I miss them. I miss the performances and exams. I miss those days where we have to tie our hair back into tight buns so that it wouldn't fall into our eyes when doing pirouettes.

I've actually forgotten the dream I have when I was much younger. A dream of tutus, pointe shoes (as we can only use pointe shoes when we are in grade 8), pretty costumes for our yearly performances and the blood, sweat and tears that go with it. Sigh.. suddenly I wish that I am 6 years younger and I am still in my black leotard, and my hair back into a bun, changing into my pointes and then walking towards the barre to do my plies.

Now all I can do is to return all my dreams back into the cardboard box and seal it back and forget about them once more........

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