Monday, June 25, 2007

The Drinking Game

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Me, NickyBoy, JoeCareBear, Yews and Tan were supposed to have lunch on Sunday but on the same day itself NickyBoy (Well, it was our joint B'Day celebration) called and told us that he got "fucked up" the night before and just got home (morning after)

Well, knowing us and our overactive imagination, JoeCareBear called and told me about it... You would already have guessed what we thought happened to NickyBoy. Obviously 'Fucked Up' was a bad choice of words.

Came Monday (no one dared to call him and ask what happened over the weekend) I decided to email him and asked what happened. His reply was hilarious! I have to ask his permission to post his email here but it went along the line of him puking all the way from the clubs to his friend's place (all of which he couldn't remember) and finally waking up the next morning beside a guy who only had his boxers on (his friend, to give him the benefit of the doubt).

OK to clear the air, nothing happened between them alright?

Totally reminded me of the time I passed out in Zouk after taking 8 shots of vodkas on an empty stomach. I dunno about the rest but I will definitely NOT do anything 'brave' like that anymore. According to eye-witnesses I just slumped over and slept. Only to wake up to puke, like three times. Really funny for them and until today I feel so embarrassed! Never again!

I have to say in my entire drinking career, I had only been really drunk twice. Once in Zouk and the other time at home where we smarty pants decided to imbibe cheap IKEA Vodka. RM30 for a liter of hell. Never again! I downed one mug of heavily laced OJ and had to crawl up to my room to sleep off the alcohol after puking my guts out. That was so bad I thought if I lit a cigarette, I would have blown out flames.

And you would have thought we would learn our lessons? NOPE...

I turn really sucky and quiet when I am drunk so I am really not much fun to be with after 8 shots of vodka. If you ever go clubbing with me and you see me sitting in a corner, you better lead me to the nearest toilet cause I might just do an Exorcise moment anytime soon.

My friends have weird drunken habits as well. One plops onto bed with only towel after shower, another talks cock like a pro and another just likes molesting unknown guys. The best was still the one who thought he was a bird and wanted to 'fly' off the balcony of an apartment.

I feel so old because I'm talking as though I am 35 and reminiscing about the good ol' days. Hey I am not alright!

Ah... Monday night blues!!!

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