Thursday, June 14, 2007

Love cannot be forced

Listening to: Kim Ah Joong - Byul is on repeat now
Feeling: Excited

I am in a dilemma the past few days. On one hand, I've got a bunch of absolutely sweet and caring friends who think they know everything that is best for me and on the other, I am torn between pleasing them and doing what they wants and desperately trying to get a message across.

I know, I know that this problem is solved and I shouldn't blog about it lest I hurt my friends' feelings but I know I need to get it out of my system before it kills me.

I'm cool with being alone!

Yes I am and thank you very much for all your attention, love and persuasion.

Story is this...

Guy asks me out for a movie. Guy likes me for some God forsaken reason. I find that sweet, but really I like him more as a friend. Told Friend1 & 2 about this... Friend1&2 got so excited they nearly pissed their pants and started making plans like naming my babies for me. Uhm... WOW... OK, name them Ronald and MacDonald. I think that's cool name for my kids... But hell no, who am I marrying? What? Guy? Oh no.. No please not again... I'm gonna die of embarrassment NOW! Excitement lasts the week and accumulates into Friend3's birthday dinner where Guy sits next to me and more excitement ensues. All love I am sure but I got slightly annoyed. The last time I checked, none of us had pigtails and bright blue pinafores but understands it's all love. But still, patience is wearing thin.

Tries telling Friends I am capable of deciding what's love by myself but for some macabre reason, they think I have the 'Too Blind To See' sickness and persuades me to try it out who knows you might just like it he's really a nice guy you might let one, one good one go if you don't take this chance, don't be too picky... What? Picky? I am picky but hey I think it's a good reason to be picky. I don't want some psychotic boyfriend who makes passes at my own pals. Am I right or not? No they say, he's a confirm good guy, why don't want to try? Honestly, don't think Guy really likes me, he likes other girls it had been a year and I'm just a fat bitch, he's desperate for a fuck and I'm not gonna do this. I just don't feel comfortable with him. Don't force me I'll scream RAPE! Plus, if he really likes me, he ain't doing anything about it.

This went on for a while until one day when Friend1 again confronted me and gave me some funky allegory about a baker and some cakes... Don't ask why but it made perfect sense to me at that time. Totally did not agree with her, she still thinks I should give it a try after all everyone else had a girlfriend/boyfriend. So much so she gave me a 'Are you really happy being single' Quiz for me to try out and of course I passed it with full marks cause I really do know I am happy being single. I am only unhappy when I have no money and getting a other half is only no.2 on my list. Glad we ended this whole crazy episode with Friend1&2 agreeing not to 'do' me anymore. I'm gonna pray to Guan Yin Ma tomorrow for her blessings.

FUH end of ranting and this feels damn good. Good Night


eLLieNg said...

if it ain't broken, don't fix it. this applies to both bra straps and life. :D

Anonymous said...

End of GUY story.... but begin the CLEM story....kakaka

ms3Gem said...

pinky's love life = me not wanna knw, unless confirmed.