Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Weighty Issues

Listening to: Kim Ah Joong - Byul
Feeling: Down

Over the weekend, me, SarahN, Kst, Jye and Fun went out to town for a day of bumming. Big mistake... 2 couples and one large lamppost. We had fun though... Watched Ocean's 13, went for dinner and then 2nd round of movie in MidValley. We were lucky and was blissfully unaware of the horrid flood that happened on the other side of town, at Dataran Merdeka.

And so we watched '200 pound Beauty'. Didn't have great expectations of that movie... I thought it was just another rip-off of Shallow Hal or something like that. Well, the fat suit was but apart from that the storyline was just amazing. It captured the feelings of a fattie spot-on. And I'm saying that because I am a fattie too! Got home all power emo-ed and shit, did a little research on the movie and pow! found out that the writer of the story is a fattie herself. No wonder...

There were parts and pieces where I thought was so real and I could totally relate to it kinda moment, you know what I mean? Like one part where she became thin... and man did she become a hot chick or what? She got into an accident and the owner of the car began screaming at her and asking her to pay for the damage but the very moment he saw her, he became nice and even offered to pay her the damages! AHHHHGHHHH INJUSTICE! I swear to God it happens IRL ok... What? so just because I am fat I should be treated like shit? Comeon people!!!

And another part where this car salesguy told the main character that she was really pretty. And mind you, she had NOT, NEVER been complimented being pretty, she was so happy she cried and bought the car... Well, I guess I would have done the same thing if that happens to me as well... ARGHHHH I SO FELT HER!

Though that actress was obviously a hawt chick before putting on the fat suit, she conveyed the feeling across... I'm so buying the DVD.

So yeah... That was me ranting like a crazy woman... That happens when work gets to me.

Anyway, go watch that movie. It's worth your money! Meanwhile, I'm gonna apply for a part-time job as a phone sex operator to fund my full body lipo and plastic surgery.


ms3Gem said...

hey, maybe we can register for tht job together n get a discount on network rates. package deal babes! i need a lipo suction too.

* Dream Weaver * said...
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* Dream Weaver * said...

Want the DVD for 8 BUCKS??? its super duper clear.
(sorry am trying to raise funds for my rather squalid bank acc.)