Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pinky's E! Plan

Listening to: Vivian Green - Love for sale
Feeling: Alright

I am really starting to think that E! really stands for Evil!

Just got back from Seems' place after joining her for a glass of wine and an hour or two of bitching in front of the TV. Watching E! of course...

There was this special on Beauty secrets of the stars... Ohman... I wish I am rich. I promptly went home with the urge to wash and condition my hair. Exfoliate my butt and face, slather on a thick layer of moisturizer and right now I am waiting for the effects of the calming mask to kick in...

E! stands for Evil!

So, this beauty special reminded me of my grand master plan of getting a gastric bypass Pro Bono... Well, maybe not Pro Bono. Maybe saving up for it by working part-time of some sorts.

Decided waiting on tables would just take me too long. I would most prolly lose weight walking around before saving enough for the bypass... Hmmm good point. I'll keep that in view

I thought driving taxis might be a good idea too. You know... I heard you can make a 100 bucks or so on a good night... But then again, you might have to pay half of it to the police for summons and what not... oh, scrap that

Blogging won't work. All I got measly $0.10 for all my hard work.


Maybe, phone sex operator is not that bad an idea after all! It's quick bucks and I have nothing to lose... Anyone with contacts for job openings can email me at pinkity@gmail.com...

Meanwhile I shall go rehearse for my interview and maybe watch a few episodes of Spongebob Squarepants

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