Friday, June 23, 2006

Life is...

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You know, I've grown up in a lower-middle class family and we never had too much cash to spare. Poor? Sometimes... Happy? When we are not too worried about the big M (Not McDonald's idiots)

To us, money is used to buy essentials like food, clothes (when they are too freaking stretched to the point of no return), books (no story books mind you, the textbook kind) and the occasional treat.

So can you imagine the shock I had to deal with when I saw this?

what the
Picture courtesy of Exofex

Dude, to be totally honest, I am freaking out here. One of those boxes could hold us (my whole family) up for a whole month. Like one commented, 'That's a whole lot of Hermes in one house'. No shit Sherlock.. I suspect even a celeb couldn't afford that much...

No offense to Exofex *check out her blog for more scary pictures of overindulgence* I just couldn't comprehend the amount of money that she must have. It's scary. Please tell me how can people get so freaking rich? I wish she could donate one, just one of those bags to me so I can clear off my credit card bill, my car loan for the month and get me my passport. Sigh... Maybe then I can smoke Malboros again. Donations anyone?


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