Saturday, June 17, 2006

What the...

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Feeling: Blah

I was reading yesterday's newspaper while having my late lunch today and my eyes fell on a short article about how PAS doesn't like having kongsi raya celebrations. Well for those who don't know, kongsi raya occurs when the Hari Raya and Chinese New Year fall around the same dates.

Apparently, they have nothing with people from other races visiting each other but they don't like to share the kongsi raya. HUH? I really don't understand. Someone please elaborate. It's not like we purposely set the dates for the new years to fall near each other. We have shorter holidays because of that. The Chinese New Year is usually around February while the Hari Raya shifts around according to the calendar (or moon, I'm not sure). I would think that this has been a non issue for the longest time so why are they bringing this up now?

Someone please explain before I pull all my hair out from frustration at their stupidity!!!


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