Wednesday, June 14, 2006

We heart MELAKA!

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Me and Fun
We heart Melaka!!!

We decided that work was just too mundane and boring so we decided that we deserve another short trip. Where else can you go that is within a 2 hours drive with fun stuff to do?

Melaka of course! Loads of food, loads of places to take nice pictures at and Jonker Street on the weekend! Fuh~

We started off fresh and early at 10am. (supposedly start out at 7am but then yours truly and someone else woke up late. LOL). Dropped by in Seremban for Hakka Mee and beef brisket noodles at the wet market.

Seremban Beef Brisket Noodles
Would have taken pictures of the Hakka Mee too if we hadn't scarfed it down so fast

Hopped into the car to buy the famous Seremban siew pau. We went to the factory ok... Since we're there, we just had to do a few poses before we leave~

Everyone was looking! Cam hos!

After getting them paus we headed towards Melaka for real...

Once we got there, we looked around for a parking so we can walk the whole Jonker Street. Ohman.. it is so jammed! Finally got a place to park. Note: They have a different parking ticket system. It's kinda like Singapore where you have to buy a prepaid ticket and scratch off the date and time you parked.

Went to the famous red tower... Took more pictures...

Mun Fen chu~
FunFun with icecream

Connie Huar!
Scary Nini with icecream

Sarah N likes her icecream

Kst... er.. enjoying his

Pinkity likes to suck

Then we headed over to the opposite side of the road. Very nice beer garden there with good service. Very pleasant people. I highly recommend!

Doing what we do best!

You know... lounging in the sunshine on a Saturday afternoon is one of the bestest things to do!

This is life!

Kst is happiest here!

I am the happiest like this


Hanging out yo!

After getting our alco fix, we walked across the river to Jonker Street, where we embarked on our eating spree!

Scenic river

Started off with popiah, then chinese sweets, ping tong wu loh. It's basically fruits dipped in maltose sugar then dried so there is a crunchy sugar shell around the fruits. Nice!

Kiwi ping tong wu loh. Nice!

Greedy GG having them all...

Then moved on to maltose sweets. Damn miss those times when we were much younger and those sweets goes for only 20cents per stick (It's RM1 per stick now). We went through everything that Jonker Street had to offer. And of course no one goes off without trying the famous satay celup

Satay Celup
Might seem gross to some of you but its gastronomic delight to others

Nothing fantastic... I don't like fishballs and stuff like that, so maybe that's why I didn't enjoy it as much as the others.

Walked around for a while taking pictures then we left...

Detail of temple roof

streets of Jongker
Gangstas of Jonker Street

Melaka was alright... It was a great budget trip... Came home with a thinner wallet but fatter stomach. :p

Till next month (Pulau Kapas here we come!)


Lrong said...

Nice... but hey, who is that guy behind... happy belated b-day to you...

Pinkity said...

I have absolutely no idea who that guy is!! hehehe... Thank you for your birthday wish! Another year older but none wiser! :p