Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dreams that make me

Listening to: Twista feat. Mariah Carey - So Lonely
Feeling: Like I want it to be Friday night all over again.

It's Sunday evening and as usual, am stressing about work tomorrow. Just got a court order to appear in court on the 24th for the robbery that happened three years back. Talk about system right? I've got a shoot on that very same day. Stressing now....

It's a lovely Sunday; all bright and lovely but all I can do is stay home. Am drinking a cup of Earl Grey now and reminiscing about Camerons. I wish the cold weather applies here too. Think about the electricity that we'll save. I wish I can retire there someday *I know I say this every time I come back from a holiday* and write my book. I've been saying this for the longest time but I've always wanted to write one. Still haven't started on it yet but I have more than enough material for one.

Am wishing again but I wish I have enough money to stop my job and write my book at home. Write comic books story lines, write drama series plots... Too big a dream? Maybe, but I have the drama to relate to. Wish me luck to have the courage to start this one!

I've always admired people like Obachan for their determination to do something so well. Read her blog and you'd understand what I mean. She's working a few jobs and still manage to cook, photograph and paint watercolour paintings! When can I have the discipline to do such a thing? Sigh...

Feeling lazy now and I am supposed to work. SICK of working... Shall watch Dr. Black Jack before I start writing my wonderful article!


JoeC said...

Hiiiii! If you want something badly, you can surely work for it, plan and execute your master blueprint, dreams to reality, one small step at a time. Cheers!

Pinkity said...

Thanks JoeC for that... Glad you're back to blogging! :D