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The hills are alive!

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It is now officially a week since we got back from Cameron Highlands and I am still dreaming of the cool breeze and beautiful green gardens.

It was crazy, we started out at about 7am from Mike's place and drove non-stop to Ipoh for some 'Kali Mee' (curry mee la). It was good shit! Not too milky with a tinge of lime in it. I wish I could have just ignored Mike's disdainful look when I pulled out my trusty camera for some pictures. Apparently people with class should not take pictures of their food. Got some pictures of the beautiful people (minus Mike, because he refuses to take pictures) who came during the first batch.

in ipoh
G and David

in ipoh
G and Tracy. That girl's gotta be in all pictures!

Cin, take 5. She's got so many funny faces I had to snap 5 times before I got the correct one!

Then we continued our drive up the hills. We drove two cars; me, Cin and Tracy went in one car and Mike, G and David went in the other. According to David, G was yodelling the whole journey up. Me and Cin had a civilized and quiet drive up. The new route (which we took) was pretty uneventful. Did not suffer any motion sickness as the route was quite tame. It was pretty boring compared to the old route.

In Cin's car
It was bad hair day, slept only 1 and a half hour!

We got there within the next hour and oh my god the bungalow was beautiful!

Little house on the hills
Little house on the hills

The obligatory cam-ho picture

The garden (that I checked out within the first five minute) was blooming with flowers.

So nice right? Sniff... I want flowers like these in my garden!

The weather was beautiful, not too sunny and not too cold. After exploring the house for another ten more minutes, we broke out the mah jong tiles.

But not before G does something stupid!

Of course, the Japanese in me decided to take some pictures before we could start. All these happened before even we had lunch! It was fantastic, guess we did not even had the appetite to have lunch as it was just too beautiful (that and we wanted to start on mahjong). We did mahjong till about 2pm when Mike decided that we should all go for scones.

Scones! Of course I'm up for scones! Finally I can say 'Would you like to have some scones, m'dear' without feeling like an idiot. *crazed laughter* We went to this charming little place called Bala's.

So England!

Pretty plants and windowsill...

Really, really beautiful chalets and garden seating. It's like we went over to England just for a spot of tea and scones. We had extremely expensive scones, (RM17.90 for two scones and tea each) in the most quaint garden. All we needed was a sun hat and we're all set for jolly good tea.

Lovely garden! I wish I'm living there permanently~

The obligatory cam-ho shot!

Welcome to our home! We wish!

After scones and tea we took a little hike up from the garden to check out the chalets.

And then we headed back to the bungalow for more mahjong!!! Had steamboat dinner at the bungalow and it was the perfect weather for that bowl of piping hot stew! Then it was mahjong again. Of course, that being the first day and all, we retired pretty early for a night to good sleep.

The next day dawned bright and beautiful, but I woke up to a nasty sore throat and flu! It wasn't that bad till the afternoon came. I could barely eat after that. We roast chicken during dinner and loads and loads and loads of mahjong in between! What else could we do? We had decided to wait for SarahN, Gem and Kst to arrive before we start our activities.

In between mahjong, we stopped for some outdoor fun with Mike. He taught us how to play liew chai, literally translated as (ok, at this point I am totally lost for I cannot translate 'liew', fuck it.) (update, SD6 say it's FLICK the stick) OK. Flick the stick. So we were out for a bit breathing the fresh cool air.

The master of Flick the Stick teaching us the rules of the game!

Then on the third day when I was feeling seriously crap, SarahN and gang arrived. Picked them up at the bus stop, had lunch and went home to the bungalow where another round of mahjong took place again. Kst decided to sleep in the beautiful weather while SarahN snooped around the house. Gem polished her mahjong skills and beat everyone's asses. (Tho I helped her a bit on closing the deal, she's got damn good luck on winning mahjong dudes)

While everyone else was playing mahjong, I slept a bit. Not by choice but I couldn't do anything much. I can't even smoke! So sad! Such a beautiful place to smoke and I can't even bloody puff a effing ciggie. Crap. G decided to teach us 4 player mahjong but failed as she herself also not too sure. Bleh...

At this point there will be no more pictures as the Japanese in the group is severely sick. She couldn't even eat. Now that's scary!

Had scones again at tea and we busted all the jam the caretakers had in the kitchen. I swear to God, Cameron's strawberries should all be made into jam cause they are just too sour and gross to be eaten! Cameron jam = Tastey, tastey!

Had Chinese dinner (at this point, I couldn't really even swallow. I was coughing up blood. EKKK) and had our treasure hunt game. The gift was kindly sponsored by G and it was Hershey's kisses! I only had 2 because everyone was on my case for eating them. (OK FINE! I know you guys care that's why you say me la!)

The prize giving ceremony to the winning group!

Sissy the hero with girlfriend Sam joined us after work. They arrived at about 12. The gates were locked. Damn shy have to wake the caretaker up to open up the gate!

On the fourth day where we were supposed to go for a short tour of Camerons, I felt so sick that I had to stay back. Crap! I really wanted to go see the butterflies. Instead, I stayed home, watched Animax and slept. It was really cold that day and I slept on the couch in the living room where the door to the patio kept slamming shut so I woke up every few minutes thinking that the rest is back from their fun time out.

When they finally did get back, Gem sat down beside me and told me the gory details of the snake eating white mice and long long long milipede. (I would have fainted if I went. I hate milipedes and centipedes and all things that wiggle. EEW!)

Another few rounds of mahjong for the mahjong freaks (me not included cause I just slept) and the rest played another round of Flick the Stick! Dinner was barbeque... I had one measly potato hahah... Couldn't stomach anything else. I'm blaming karma for being sick on my bloody holiday!

We went to the night market after our dinner and bought flowers, food, vege, strawberries and cactus (Kst bought cactus, I durno why... Plus, he purposely go and choose those crazy looking ones. So weird. ehehhe)

Got back and we played charades... And while the rest retired for a few more rounds of mahjong, I retired to the room. Sadness! Last day also cannot enjoy the cold weather a little bit more... Everyone woke up slightly late the next day and we checked out and had a steamboat lunch (again!) and headed downhill again to warm and balmy KL...

Goodbye Sri Sentosa!

That was the story of our fantastic Camerons Highlands trip, the only not so fantastic thing was the fact that I was so sick I only half enjoyed it... Nevertheless I did had much fun with the company I was with!

The hills were alive, with the sound of mahjong tiles!

P/S: Gem, G, David, Sissy and Sam couldn't resist the smell of the stinky King of Fruits and had a few before we took the drive down from Camerons... stress... here are the evidence!

What in the world are you guys doing?

We have stinky evidence that you've been eating durians!

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