Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Year, New You

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In line with the most used magazine cover blurb every year, I would like to elaborate a little more on my New Year's resolution... I didn't realize I had set realistic ones until recently. Here's why..

Me, Gem, Sarah N, Kst, Cin, G, David, Tracy, Sissy, Sam and Mike was at Cameron Highlands the first week of New Years and we stayed on for a 5 day holiday. Talk about bliss! Everyone was heading to work or sending their bratty Standard One kids off to school when we started off for a holiday. I love that feeling. Should do that more often!

So yeah, back to the holiday (I'll blog about it in a separate post) I was sick from the second day onwards till I got back to KL. What a bitch. I was just lying around, can't eat, can't play mahjong, can't even have fun. That's when I realized I am sooo not healthy.

Got home and decided that I should sleep earlier instead of bumming in mamaks. So on Sunday I slept at 10pm, diverted abit on Monday and slept at 3am and yesterday slept at about 11pm. Had been waking up early without much problems since then. It's a good start... So that's resolution no.1

Sleep early on weekdays

Realize I said only weekdays? Cause weekends are reserved for mahjong! How to sleep early?

I also realized that I had been eating unhealthily so will be packing food to the office for lunch at least two times a week. Skipped lunch yesterday and on Monday had hawker food, today mom made sandwich for me so that's one down. Hope this can last as it will also help me save money~ So resolution no.2 is

Eat healthy and pack food to work

Drinking more water is also part of my be healthy plan!

Need to upgrade my intelligence level! So gotta read more books, more books and more books! Also more newspaper la... So no.3 is

Read more and I don't mean comic books

Pretty realistic ain't it? I'm praying that I can stick to it!

P/S: Another one I should add is to blog a little more consistantly and fingers crossed that will work out... I should be getting back to work now~

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