Friday, January 19, 2007

It's Freaking Flyday

Listening to: Tangga - Akhir yang indah
Feeling: Like I wanna go home!

It's Friday and I've just realized that it's another week gone. Just like that... Without even blinking... God, how come so freaking fast wan?

Anyways, it was a pretty slow week I have to say. Slow in the sense that nothing much happened. Of course, there is SarahN's Birthday Big All day. Had dinner at Paris and went for a little drink after that at Hartamas.

I know, I know... That's pretty boring but like how SarahN would say,

'Haiya, 25 already how you want to celebrate? Go clubbing mer? That's so 21!'

LOL! Totally agree on that! I mean, the day I turn 25 I would want to have all my friends to have dinner with me... No need to nice nice la... I don't really like fancy fusion shit anyway. Best if it's just normal Chinese or if they have the extra cash then we can do Japanese... Truly know how it's like to have a dozen friends having their birthdays on the same month...

After that, we go yamcha at Kayu or something also I very the happy edy. My England is so sucky today... LOL

I digress

SarahN's birthday soiree was a quiet affair... I assume it was due to the fact that we are getting older (and maybe a little bit wiser).

I have another 4 more months to go before I hit the quarter century mark... Quite scary if you ask me!

Chinese New Year is coming soon! I'd be turning 26, Chinese calendar wise... SCARY... Time to get married...


amylmeiwei said...

mayb I'm still young in heart (haha!) tat's y I'm still looking forward 2 clubbing nites on my birthday, muahahaha... oso mayb b'coz I'm a mum liau, I wish I could fight against the fact tat I dun haf 2 live the life of a typical mum... Mummy can b hot tooo!!!

hey, u feeling better? get well soon...

ms3Gem said...

everyone in my company thinks im crazy because i say that i prefer the quiet life compared to the clubbing scenes.

perhaps i feel this way because i had the liberty to club my teenage life away as much as i want. my dad used to send and pick me up from clubs, even at the wee hours of the mornings.

i would very much prefer a quiet evenings with my close group of friends for my birthday as compared to smelling like smoke and headache-y from alcohol.

Pinkity said...

Different folks, different strokes guys...

Sometimes I wish I have my own home so I can have 'parties' with my friends all the time. Mind you, with parties I mean wine and food with maybe mahjong and a movie!

Any takers?

Amy - Of course mummies can be hot too! I know a few hot mummies, you included :D

Gem - I have colleagues in their thirties still clubbing and drinking... Totally their call but not my idea of fun... Like you said, been there done that and I am glad I've 'retired' early. Of course the occasional dancing sessions won't hurt!