Friday, July 23, 2004

A Discovery!

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*I know when Gem read today's entry, she will be laughing her ass off. T-T*
Yesterday, I discovered that.......
I have sweaty palms. T-T Ok.. fine I dunno.. It's just so weird, first time and all. I mean, who holds their own hands to see if they have sweaty palms or not? So yeah.. it is actually pretty embarrassing!!
I was like.. OK, is it me or you? and when I gave it a thought.. it's actually me T-T never really occured to me that this matters. *laughs out loud* But it's actually pretty umcomfy.. can you imagine? It's like holding a wet towel. Gosh... Are there remedies for this condition? hahahahah
Listening to: I Miss You - Blink 182
Watched Mean Girls yesterday with Moo, Gem and Sarah. OH~ Highlight of that whole event was that he didn't ask 'Can I hold your hand?' and just did. Hahahah If he does that again I would look at him and say 'Just freaking do it'. It was more comfy than that day when we went to watch 'Prince and Me' which was just supposed to be me and him but Arihito called up last minute unexpectedly and went with us. I mean, Gem and Sarah knows, so we were not so uncomfortable about this whole holding hands thing.
But there was something that they have said that made me like 'What the..' Gem was like, 'I don't understand why you two can hold hands in the cinema but not here.' And Sarah, that notty girl was like 'Cause it's bright here and they can't do it in the light' I was kinda mortified... Cause he was like there and all... I dunno bout other people, but for me, having a boyfriend doesn't mean I need to hang on to him for all times that I am out. I mean, not that I am ashamed of being out with him or anything. It's just that I don't feel like I need to have all this public shows of affection. Heheheh..
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Told Gem as well, that at the moment, I'd rather spend time as a group but occasionally go out just me and him, cuz somehow I feel like it. Maybe cause I have nothing much to talk to him about. Maybe... The feeling is growing. I feel like I need to see him and talk to him more than last time.
Listening to Stupid - Sarah McLachlan
Am going out for dinner with him later. Somehow feel very nervous. Even more nervous than going for my interview that day. Funny huh? Am afraid that I have nothing much to talk to him about. Or nowhere to go. Sigh... You know.. his classes is starting again week after next and he was like 'Are you going to support me? I am haunted by the past..' Honestly, I am not too perturbed by the fact that he is going off 5 days a week and we might only meet up only once a week.  I had been like that for many years.
Listening to Sweet Surrender - Sarah McLachlan
I guess I will miss him and sometimes might even drive to where he stays just for fun, it's not too far. But then again, distance makes the heart grow fonder (I hope) ahhaha I will not be the one who will play around while he is not around. Just hope that he wont. hahahha
Anyhowz, nothing much other than that... tomorrow I might have something to write about :p
****Is this a case of Sweet Surrender?*****

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