Friday, July 09, 2004

Oh NO~ I'm getting the Fuzz =_=; Dunt think other things

***With fuzzy feelings in tummy***

AHHH~ I am feeling fuzzy inside me!!! Seriously!!! Hmm ok here’s wht happened yesterday.

Had decided that I should tell Nicholas (Nic’s my best bud back in high school and up till now we remained as close friends) cuz I figured out if I don’t tell him now, he would bitch about it. So, rang him up and told him to come out for a drink. Just me and him. We agreed on a place and was actually anticipating on telling him. I used to tell him everything in my life and suddenly I feel like he is so out of touch with everything in my life. So I NEED to clue him in on this or not he'll disown me!!!

So later on, Tania called. She just got back from Australia and wanted to come out for a drink. I thought, why not since we are out anywayz.. It has been a long long time since we actually went out. So I told her to come abit later, so that I can finish dishing out the dirt to Nic. Not that I don’t wanna tell her but then I thought maybe later on when it’s more stable only I tell them.

So Nic and me went to Banana Leaf and I told him to guess. He was like ‘OHMYGOD, you’ve got a boyfriend!!! WHOO?’ Told him to guess, he was like ‘KAY!!’ I was like.. ‘I wish’ and he went on and on and on… he got it right on his third try, but I think maybe he wasn’t exactly thinking that it would be him. So he carried on, until he saw the grin on my face. He got annoyed and started bitching.. I was like ‘OkOK!!! I’ll tell you! *pause* I’m with my teddy bear’ and he was like ‘OHMYGOD OHMYGOD OHMYGOD!!!’ (it was just like how I imagined it *grins*) He was asking for details and all. Then he paused for a while.. and said ‘You know, I’m so happy for you. I’ve always thought that you two would make such a cute couple’ Well, if it was a brightly lit place, he would see me blush a BRIGHT red!!! T-T He insisted that I tell Joe and Tania as well. So, that fella sms ed both the girls to tell them NOT to bring their boyfriends.

To make a very long story short, I told the other two girls and they were like ‘OHMYGOD’ (yeah, like how I imagined them to as well) I told Yews as well, I know I know!! I shouldn’t have announced it but then the IDIOT NIC~ told him. Ok.. It’s not that I do not want to tell them but then it has only been 3 days… What happens if it doesn’t work out? That would be quite shitty. Joe said ‘He’s one of those few nice guys left in this world.’ I hope so..

When I got home, mum was helping me clean my room and we were talking about my brother and how he brings his girlfriend home. So we were joking and laughing about it (something rare I tell you) and somehow this topic landed on me. I din’t want to but then I can’t stop smiling!! So yeah, mum knows too. She was like WHICH ONE? Show me a picture!! Now Now NOWWW~ I was like T-T

So in the end, I told her that I’d bring him back for dinner one day. Hahahah This is so weird.

Hmm.. That was it I guess.. It happened so out of the blue. I was quite reluctant at first, but then after a while, I think I am falling in love with him. He is a sweet guy. *Crosses fingers* Hope that everything works out!!!

***Still feeling fuzzy***

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