Thursday, July 08, 2004

I'm Glad

***Feeling Cold, Listening to Savage Garden 'Truly, Madly, Deeply'***

Yawn... it's just 10.07am and I just finished my breakfast at work. Just another Wednesday when things don't happen till the very last minute..

Ok.. Firstly, me and Moo kinda got together.. **=_=** This is what happened..

Saturday: 7.00pm My Hse
Had a little steamboat party at my house. Had dinner, everything hunky dory. Watched 2 movies. (Shrek2 & The Guru) So after the movies, it was about 1am.. We brought out the liqour. Bought this cheap vodka from IKEA (which we vow to never buy anymore!!) And we started playing the card game, the one where you stick the card on your forehead and see who gets the smallest and that person has to drink the whole cup of whatever that is in the middle of the circle. So ugh, the first person to drink up was me. One beer mug filled with vodka and orange juice. Sht, it was horrible. Second one to kena was Arihito. He had like 2 in a row and the second one was pretty strong on vodka. Right away, he KO-ed. So basically, Arihito KO-ed first and then after that me. I went upstairs to my room to sleep. Meanwhile downstairs.....

Apparently, Moo was muttering gibberish about me because he was drunk. So halfway through things, I woke up and puked and went back downstairs, my trusty galpals, Gem and Sarah ran to me at the back and warned me about him. I was abit tipsy at that time and wasn't really giving too much of a damn when they told me about it. I was thinking more like 'Whoa, he must be damn drunk' So I was jst like calmly going back out to the hall and they continued playing truth 'Spin the bottle'. Ended up talking bout fantasies and stuff.. was quite funny cuz everyone spilled their guts out on things. A few days after, The Cigarette Man claimed that he was drunk and he did not remember a single thing. Ah, bullshit. Hehe

Sunday: 12 noon My Hse
And then there were 3, Sarah, TCM, Nini and Arihito left in the wee hours of the morning. So left me, Gem and Moo. Was watching Malaysian Idol and had a seriously good laugh!! One of my ex colleague was actually in and he did this seriously stupid and ridicules dance routine to Kylie’s Spinning Around. I felt sorry for him. He looked so damn dumb. Really. God, He’s a nice guy and all.. but what the hell was he thinking when he wore that yellow short short pants and short short shirt? T-T *pitypitypity*

Ok, after that we were watching another show and I kinda fell asleep on the long couch in my hall. So Gem and Moo was awake. In my sleep, I heard something so I woke up. But my eyes were still closed. I was conscious. Moo was taking a pic of me sleeping. Then I heard Gem asking him about me. He was like ‘I dunno!!! I’m so confused!!’ I kinda know what they were talking about but I just left it there… Then I pretended to wake up and they stopped talking.

Sunday: 4 something pm Al-Ehsan
Fetched Moo back, confronted Gem. She was like ‘I thought you were asleep!!’ muahahha Evil~ but I was not asleep. That woman eventually spilled the beans and told me about everything.. He is very confused la, he is thinking la.. things like that. The usual. So yeah, that was it.

Went to Al-Ehsan and it started to rain really heavily. Stayed there till bout 6 and we went back to her house. After dumping all her stuff and lepak for a while, we went off to fetch Sarah for dinner.

After dinner, as usual, went for yamcha. Everyone was there and it was normal. Just recapped our ‘wild’ weekend. After that, went home. Moo started smsing me. (Jst like how speed dial no.6 used to predict. He said that after he’s gone to Canada I can sms Moo -_-;) At first it was pretty normal. He was telling me that he was angry at Nini at dinner yesterday. Told him that it’s her bad point and we would have to live with it. Like it or not.

Out of the blue, he asked me ‘ Hwa, remember those sweet memories that you said you’ll keep? You can take them out again, if you want to. Cuz I think I wanna start a relationship with you.’ I was like ‘Woah.. and Aww’ He is such a weird funny sweet guy. Apparently Miss Gem was actually chatting with him online before. So, yeah, my two dear sweet friends helping out and all. LOVE U GUYS TO BITS~

I smsed Speed Dial no.6. He was like laughing his ass off. T-T *idiot* =_=; After that, he was like congratulating me and all. I told him, dun ask him till he tells you, so he was like OK~ Basically, my kengkawanz were all happy for me *smiles* Thanks guys…

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