Tuesday, July 13, 2004

What reminds me of

Hmm.. I think these few days, all thoughts I have are in song lyrics! So here, I am describing them in song titles!

On Love - Precious Illusions (Alanis)
On Friendship - Graduation (Vitamin C)
On Life - Everybody Hurts (R.E.M or The Corrs)
On Gem and Sarah - Always be my Baby (Mariah Carey)
On Moo - Love Takes Time (I think it was Boyzone o something like that)
On Kay - Take A Bow (Madonna), If I aint got you (Alicia Keys)
On Arihito - My Funny Friend and Me (dunno who sang this and dunno how the lyrics go but the title jst so reminds me of him)
On Nini - Don't Mess with my Love (M2M, on behalf of Gem of course!!)

Hmm.. I dunno how I am feeling but then, I am so afraid to hurt someone unintentionally. Would I? Cause I think I was being really selfish by saying Yes when I am not too sure. Up till now, I am not too sure... Love is somehow a Precious Illusion, what I think Love is might not be what really Love is... I am not really making much sense here am I? Maybe Love does takes time, yeah, I do hope so....

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