Friday, July 16, 2004

Matters of the heart.

Feeling: Cold
Listening to: Sound of rain falling down

Hmm.. It's another rainy wet Thursday afternoon. Makes me feel like running through the rain and getting wet. Everyone is not back yet and I am just bumming round.

Went for SpiderMan 2 yesterday and it was not what I had expected. After the show, we went for a drink but Arihito and Gem had to go back cuz Gem was looking sick and Arihito had to go back early. So then there were 4. Sarah, Nini, Moo and me.

We were just having chats and food. After 1 hour of drinks food and gossip we had to go.

Yesterday, actually, I was really, really, really tempted to tell Moo that it should be over between me and him. I dunno why, but maybe it was that card game we played that day. It was some destiny, fate thing. Somehow, the readings goes along the line of 'he likes me but then I am confused as I like someone else too' It gave me a slap on the face and all night I was actually thinking how selfish I was. And ... I dunno.. I just feel that he is the one saying the 'I miss yous' and the 'I lub yous' but.. somehow at this moment in time, I do not feel the same.. Yeah, there are sometimes when I feel that I miss him but I never really felt the love.

And also, I kinda think that I can do much of everything myself and I do not need someone to depend on. It is pretty crap, this thinking.. because before I've got him, I feel that I needed someone to be there for me. I am contradicting myself.

Need more time I think.. Hope it'll get better in a bit.. I have more important matters to worry about... (like my job) T-T

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