Thursday, July 22, 2004

A surprise!!

Oh well.. I actually have alot of things to write about but then due to the shortage in time... Only can record the most surprising plus amazing thing that happened today... This friend from long long ago actually found me on Friendster. I am so happy, cause she was one of my close friends back in primary school and after Form 2 she migrated over to Australia and is still there. *snifflies* I miss those days, jumping on the school field 'astaka' singing songs from Sound of Music. She was the one who introduced me to 'Grease' ahahahh
Loads of things happened these few days. Got an interview. Went for it, got called back for second interview. Went for it. They say that they will be replying me by Friday. I dunno, hope tha everything turns out fine. Leo Burnett didn't call me. Was hoping that they will. I'll be handling Malboro if they'll hire me. I am like their number 1 supporter. hahaha..
Only this much for today. As always, fuck ups after 5.30pm. How nice....
****watching Mean Girls tonite~****

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