Friday, August 13, 2004

And she will be Loved


Was feeling like crap for the whole of today. I actually fell asleep in the toilet in office. T-T I know I shouldn't feel proud about it but seriously... had my head against the wall and was sitting on the toilet. damn....

This week is technically one of the worst weeks ever in my life.

Felt sick throughout. Running nose and sore throat and coughing fits. T-T

Nothing much to yell and scream about.

Monday, had drinks at Mani's, went home about 1 am.

Went to BarFlam's on Tuesday. Not exactly too fun.. but yeah, will do.

Wednesday, was at One Utama to visit Rose. Bought her ice cream and roses, cause we thought it was her birthday, but her birthday actually on the 28th August 2004.

Thursday - today, felt cranky. Got home really early.. bout 7pm. Ate and straight away went to to bed. Mum was weird today, I was sitting in my dining room eating,alone. I was looking rather down, she was like ' What's wrong?' I replied her that I was sick. She was like 'Heartsick ar?' and asked me about Moo and all. I was like 'No more liao ler'

She was like 'Ah? No more still can hang out together wan er?' (Cause on Saturday the whole gang was at my place) I was like 'Yeah'


Anyway... I think I should sleep now. Am pretty tired and washed out. Last day at work is next week Thursday I think. Still no luck in interviews... Sigh.

"Peace Out" -_-;

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