Sunday, August 15, 2004

Episode 10 - The Wrong Recipent

Listening to: I will spend my whole life Loving you - Tina Arena & Marc Anthony

Don't call me cynical, but what the hell does 'Forever' mean to you? Newsflash buddies.... Nothing is forever~ (though the song says 'Diamonds are forever', maybe that...)

It is 4am on a Sunday morning and I am just plain crappy and can't really sleep. Just finished an audio conversation with G and she was asking for the 411 on everything that has been happening here back in Malaysia. She told me that she would be applying for PR in Aust and will stay there. Sigh.... another one goes over to the other side. As in, to be part of the world. (As Gem always say, Malaysia is NOT part of the world... US always thinks that the world ends at Singapore~ T-T)

Listening to: Eyes On Me - Faye Wong

This song sure brings back memories of the bygone years. It was the song that really 'hot' back in high school days. Hehe.. thanks to Lay Geng, one of my classmates. 'I kind of liked it your way, how you shyly placed your peaceful eyes on me' That was my fave line from the song... It is romantic. That was my idea of romance back in high school. I guess now, life has gotten just a notch more cynical than it was before. Hell, I guess like how my former boss used to put it, this thing people call love should just be called 'companionship'. Somehow I agree with her... How would you know that your other half really 'loves' you? A question that baffles even the smartest of sages.

Listening to: Take a Bow- Madonna

'All the world is a stage, and everyone has their part, but how was I to know which way the story goes and how I was to know you'd break my heart?'

I guess that verse is true, everyone in life does have their parts. Everyone wears a mask, (though some doesn't admit it) Think everyone has their own sets of masks which they wear. The Smiley Mask, the Layan Mask, the Happy Mask, the 'I-am-listening-to-you' Mask but one thing that they do not show you is their true face. And more often than not, this face is sad, dissatisfied and angry. Sigh, maybe this is just a 'speaking-from-experience' thing from me again. It's just that we meet so many insincere people in this world. Somehow, after a while, you just rather not trust/know these people...

Listening to: My Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne
Next Song : Take My Breathe Away - Jessica Simpson

Okok.. back to what happened today. Went for this Church function with Gem and Sarah. It's called Saint Francis Xavier (I think) Faith Educator's Gala Night. Faith Educators are basically teachers who had dedicated their time to teach Sunday School. Actually, come to think of it... it is a sacrifice to wake up really early to go to Church, and then later to teach at Sunday School. Kudos to Gem! I suddenly feel proud of her. :)

Listening to: She will be Loved - Maroon 5

It was an eye opening experience for me I guess.. have not been to something like that in the first place. They had singing and all. Worship, they call it. I think it's something akin to the Buddhist's chanting prayers. -_-; speaking of which, I think I should try to be more religious. Teens/young adults nowadays seems to be faithless. Really... If not so, why are they so many murders and rape cases? Sheeshh... I am beginning to lose faith in the human race. I wonder when can we redeem ourselves? (I am beginning to speak like a Jehovah's Witness T-T NoOoOoOOoooOOooO)

Listening to: Adia - Sarah McLachlan

Ugh.. I did a big boo boo on Thursday.. Happened like this : -

Was feeling bored in office on a lovely Thursday afternoon... so, was surfing around in Friendster.. and saw Jason's picture, so went in to check it out.. So happened that, one of Shyu's pictures were there too, and man, did she look like a man... so you know, as usual, feeling bitchy and all, decided to send Gem and Sarah a sms to proclaim my new discovery... and after finished typing that sms and was in the process of typing in Gem's number, my boss walked in and insisted that she wanted to talk to me ASAP. So me, always the everyready slave, quickly finished off my evil quest of sending that bitchy sms to the two main partner in crime.

So after having a little chat with my master; the boss, I walked back to my little cosy cubicle. Took my phone to delete the two reports that I am supposed to recieve and guess what? I sent the sms to Moo instead of Sarah (I remember Gem, Sarah, Moo and SDN 6's numbers, so when I send smses, I usually just type them out instead of looking for their names in the phonebook) ... I was like OMFG~ Quickly I sent out an apology to him, saying that I have sent it to the wrong person and he is to delete off the offending sms right there and then. I called Sarah (as I know Gem should be teaching in class) and told her. She was like 'You're dead...' I was like 'I know..' He replied a sms asking me what that sms was all about...

Listening to: I Miss You - Blink 182

'We could live like Jack & Sally, if we want to, where you can always find me, we'll have Halloween on Xmas and we'll wish this never end, we'll wish this never end'

Actually, I did not mean to diss her.. I mean, even if she was not Moo's ex. Seriously... I mean, it's not like I'm pining over him.. Maybe initially, but now.. not really... The look like a man thing, it could be someone else I was bitching about... heh.. Hope he doesn't think that I am still not over him ler... Cause I think I am over him (in the first place, I was never UNDER him.. -_-)

'Don't waste your time on me, You're already the voice inside my head'

True that, true that... I guess now he is jst a memory (just a few kb of memory, I would say, if I were a harddisk.. hahehaeh) that I would store and maybe in my golden years, reminiese about. He is after all my first love... heheh

So that was Drama Panggung Khamis for you ladies and gentlemen.. Actually I really panicked. I have not felt so 'fuck' in my whole life ok... But thank goodness, he was pretty cool with it. (If he's not, he did a damn good job hiding it) He in fact replied me to say that he doesn't give a damn if I would say she looks like a dog. Hmmm... Not sure if that is the truth. But oh well, doesn't concern me anymore... :p

Anyhowz... It is almost 5am and I should get some sleep.. if not.. I would prolly die on Monday. Sigh.. still no news on my job. T-T

Till then.. wait for the next episode of this dramatic drama... hehe

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