Tuesday, August 10, 2004

A short piece for the depressed

Listening to: Everytime - Britney Spears
Waiting for: The sky to fall and my Boss to finish up her stuff so I can go off

Here I am again, still in the office, waiting for stuff to be done so I can send them tomorrow to my Client's place. Not really keen to go home, for some unknown reason.

Ohhum... Yesterday was online till 4am, chatting with Speed Dial Number 6. Can't really sleep after that. Was tossing and turning till bout 5am, so basically slept only for bout 3 hours.

Sighhhh~ I am feeling empty again. Not that I am hungry, just feel empty and there is this sudden urge for me to restart my life. Restart as in not to start over again, but to just totally finish my life off and to be reborn. (Don't panic, just a thought)

Thought about it, but then, maybe not.. it is just too troublesome. heh... Am just feeling really dark and sulky now.

Still waiting for my boss... T.T

Sigh.. looks like there is much more things to life than what I am feeling at the moment. So many bigger things happening. What that is happening to me is prolly just peanuts compared to what that had happened to other people... sigh.. I guess, life is just a journey, and sadness, grief and crappy feelings are just like bumps on this really long road to heaven.

Dang~ I feel so melodramatic... But I guess, as selfish as this would sound like, thinking that I am much better off than other people is just the thing that keeps me afloat at the moment. I could get a job anywhere, but it's just me who keeps choosing.

Love? I've got friends and family who loves me. Some might not even have a family to fall back on... I am super lucky, yeah I am... I have both my hands AND legs. Eyes and nose and mouth. I can talk and hear perfectly... Yeah I am lucky....

***Peace... Damn.. this IS good shit.. hahahha***

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