Sunday, August 22, 2004

Episode 12 - Sitting on an Empty Desk

Listening to: Rain - Madonna

Here I am, on a Saturday evening, 6.49pm to be exact. I am sitting on an empty desk, smoking a ciggie and staring at this computer screen. Gonna be the last time I'm doing this here, for 30th of August will be the last day I will be here. Sad to leave, and also happy. Dunno what I am feeling here.

I hate to leave some of my colleagues, but am happy to leave my boss. And also, on the upside, I would be exploring new territories. Hope the second interview I have on Tuesday will work out and I will be working on the events side as a Client Servicing person.

Pretty depressing actually, this turn of events. Everything turned out to be quite shitty as I thought that I could do anything that I put my mind to. Sigh.. looks like not.

So, this would be my last entry, I think from Novacomm. Goodbye friends that I have made here... goodbye desk, goodbye compy that had served me faithfully and also goodbye to the red seat that I love to sit cross legged on.


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