Monday, August 16, 2004

Episode 11 - The one where I got Drunk

It's a lazy lazy Sunday afternoon and I am just feeling bored... Can't go out cruising cuz my car has got no petrol.. T-T gotta loan money from my mum again.. damn... and it's only the 15th.

I am trying to make time turn back.. WOOOO! Which reminds me of something I did that was stupid when I was drunk...

Here we go -

My friend Mei Wei got married, and me and Tania were invited to her wedding party. (more on that on a later post) So they were asking everyone to drink, to cut a long story short, held my drinks till I got back home.

So, after a long bathe and everything, I can actually feel the alco running round in my brains. T_T and this is when I did something so stupid it is not funny. I actually smsed Moo and told him that I missed him and I wanted to turn back time. I was seriously pissed.

His reply was the standard, we are just friends, blah and blah. Ok, point taken.. NEXT!

Morning after effects were horrible... Ughz....

Moral of the story is - Never get drunk after a break-up, it usually leaves a horrible aftertaste. *UwEK*

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