Wednesday, August 25, 2004

In a HIPHOP Mode

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I am jst in a crappy mode.. Playing around with my webcam.. *godblesswebcams*

Had my interview... kinda screwed it up. Ugh.. What would YOU answer if someone asked u 'Sell yourself.. Gimme one reason for me to hire you'. Gem's like 'You're not a hooker'. Damn you're right Gem... Ugh

So, this is the story of my sad existance and my inability to sell myself. I was half tempted to tell the guy that if he would have bought me then he woulda have hell of a bargain, weight for weight. hahhaha

Oh well.. I am about to embark on a damn long holiday.. I will be blogging till my brains fall out and I really what I am going to do next dude.. think I will be working for Vivian in the bar meanwhile. Woo.. that would be damn cool~

Sigh.. Till then, pinkity the bartender signing out..

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