Thursday, May 26, 2005

Birthday Story - The Day

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Am feeling amused with the amount of drama and fun that surrounded me and Gem's birthday. Me, Gem (of course), Sarah. Nie and Ndrew went for dinner at 'Shall we meet' in SS2 and we were so loud there, as usual, that the patrons sitting in the smoking section of the restaurant (which was outside, behind a glass door) felt obliged to send us a birthday wish.

Waiter: Miss, that Sir over there send you his birthday wish. *points*

Us: Uh... *looks around* which one?

Waiter: That one *points at this guy that looks like a thug or possibly a yakuza*

Me: *thinks* OMFG, they're coming to kill us! Sorry for making so much noise!!!

*says* Why, thank you! *waves and smiles at that guy while telling Sarah, that the guy must be from the yakuza*

Well, actually it didn't happen that way. The guy looked decent. Maybe he was just amused at the way we were being such camera hoes. Hehe.. It was just funny. Well, we did make a big mess with the cake and took loads of pictures. (above) *more at* Then we left the restaurant and headed for Central Perk. Had our usual drinks, still in high spirits. Had too much food and felt that we should burn some of the calories we had gained *courtesy of dinner and cake* by laughing. Very hard. And talking. Really loudly. Took more pictures, the camera hoes that we are.

And what do you know... before we could even say, I am so freaking full, Gem's dad drove by and passed us a sinfully delish Cheesecake! That makes two cakes in one day. And before you could say, cake is bad, we started digging into the cake. And man.. was it delicious or what. I think I gained 5 kgs that day. 2.5 kg from the food and 2.5 kg from the air that we sucked in because we laughed too much. Guess I would need to get the vacumn cleaner into my room that night. *private joke, hehe*

All in all, one of the best birthdays I had ever had. Only wished the people who weren't around was there. Wished that Speed Dial would be there, Arihito and Cow too. Arihito and Cow totally forgot. But Arihito apologized and he's a sweetie. Cow is just.... a Cow. Heh.. Best ever. Wish there will be more birthdays like these :p


2 Birthday girls. Me and Gem

1 Picky eater, Sarah

1 Conjoined Twins. Ndrew and Nie. Maybe should call them NdreNie. Heheh

1 Superglam supermodel. Gigi *who downplayed her glam so not to outshine the birthday girls :p thanks u Gigi*

Muahz to you all who had made this day one of the best

Pinks 2005, 23 and counting

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