Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Birthday Story - The Eve

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Finally I found a way to multi photo blog, *thanks Joe* and so I am posting all these skanky pictures that I've took with me phone. It was my 23rd birthday, at The Curve's Colonial Times. A beautiful place great food, great ambiance and of course, the great company. To those who was there, thanks really really much! I loved the Flaming you guys got me, the cigar was wonderful as well, *special skanky services for skanky girls like us*


3 skanky ones (1 in the US of A, greatly missed) Joe, Tania and me
1 wonderful friend. The best any girl could ever wish for; Nic
1 ninja. The best any girl could ever wish for her birthday; Yews
2 guys I thought couldn't make it, but came! Aizat and Marz, you guys the best!
2 guys who came all the way from work, tru the rain and jam; Adrian and Eugene, you know you made my day
1 stripper. Well, not really. 1 surprise!!! All the way from Canada! You're wonderful!!

Wish I had more pictures to remember this day but unfortunately, my dear Nic *nic, if you're reading this, do remember =_=;* has not sent me more piccies. :p

But, with or without pictures, that whole night is forever embedded in my heart.

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