Monday, May 23, 2005

The Silver Ring of Promise

Listening to: Peter Pan - Mungkin Nanti

Being in love requires loads of strengh and courage, I realized after listening to Fish Leong's 'Yung Chi'. There are times when I would think, why even bother? It is so hard to love, and even harder because it is a one sided one.

Had a talk on this yesterday night. My girls from the mamak agrees, that loving someone is painfully happy. It's like you wanna cry, and also wanna laugh. You want the best for him even though the best makes you cry. You want him to be with you and yet you want him to be away. Like how G would describe it, it is 'mau dun'. You want but you don't. Almost like you enjoy getting hurt.

So near yet so far, so far yet so near. You think of him, you laugh and then you cry. You want him but you don't want him. You try to forget him and yet you think of him. Sigh..

I have a silver ring which I call my silver ring of promises. It had been broken for about 4 years and yet I still wear it. As hard as I've tried looking for a replacement, I have no luck. I look around for it contantly, for something exactly the same but not broken so I can leave the broken one at home to keep. When will I find the replica? Maybe then, this broken ring can rest at home and my heart can heal. But till then, I will have to bear with the broken part which I keep so well hidden behind.

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