Thursday, May 26, 2005

Feels like....

Listening to: DeLovely Soundtrack
Feeling: Blank

Another year older.

Hey.. It feels the same.

Realization hit me yesterday right after I had my first Flaming Lamborgini at the stroke of 12. But you know what? It feels great. And I intend to feel the same for the next ten years.

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* Dream Weaver * said...

Don't feel it? I feel like I am a 112 years old. *gasp* hehehe...
More reposibilities, more goals and more work.

But then again you are right, it feels GREAT!!!

May there be more happy skanky nights for us to come and we all have many more happy blessed years to come as well. *Grins like a looney skank that she is*

Pinkity said...

I feel the responsibility and all.. but it is ok. Part and parcel of growing up. Thanks for the wonderful dinner party. I want the pictures!! Send them to me!!! :p