Thursday, July 13, 2006

Me, not someone's daughter

Listening to: Ah Sang - Ye Zi
Feeling: Like I wanna go for a holiday PRONTO

Today I received a phone call from Jay

Jay: Hoi, call Fun for me like now. Hurry phone no battery. Call her now for me. Hurry la. Tell her I'm downstairs

Me: Huh? UH.. ok...

*dial tone*

What the hell was that? Dude... Look, I don't mind looking out for friends, but sometimes there is a limit to it.

Take that phone call from Jay as an example. Fun is his girlfriend that we all know. But has he ever thought that I might not be free to convey his message to his girlfriend or maybe just a little hello at the beginning of the conversation would be really nice.

I hate it when guys take it for granted when their female friends are not female at all. And then it pisses me off even more when they get a girlfriend and treat their girlfriend like goddesses like that. Not that I am bitter. I swear to God I am not but with the amount of back-slapping and rough horse plays that I've gotten from my guy friends I am beginning to think that I am all but just a guy to them.

Sometimes it feels like, "OK, Pink's not a girl anyway cause she can so take care of herself. Just let her walk to her car la. It's only on Basement2 with no guards around. Look at her also no one wanna kidnap. Kidnap also dunno how to carry her away. Remember what happened when some poor bastard tried to rob her? He was sat on by her. Sure die wan... Poor thief."

Well, just want to establish the fact that I want some molly coddling too sometimes.

Don't ask me to take care of your girlfriend while you're away. I ain't gonna be no one's bodyguard. Not even Whitney Houston's.

Don't ask me to go get the car in the dark because I am scared too. I get freaked out by things that go bump at night.

Don't ask me to catch the thief because I can't run too fast. When I was robbed the last time, I was scared too.

Don't think that I can do everything myself. I do things myself because I have to and it is so frequent that I am used to it already. Someone to help me out would be good sometimes.

Don't assume that I am a strong person just because I seem like one. I am not. I cried when Bambi's mom died too. Plus I cried throughout Grave of the fireflies. AND I cried throughout 40 episodes of Stairway to Heaven. I have overactive tear ducts, so sue me!

And let me quote this "I'm not your superwoman, I'm not the kind of girl that you can let down and think that everything's OK, Boy I am only human"



shervoux said...

i feel you girl, i feel you.....anyway the thief incident was hillarious.....

shervoux said...

i've changed my url...hehehehe

Pinkity said...

You're trying to whore your blog here right? Hahahaha...

Ohwell... This is for my girls all around the world :(

Crazy Funky Monkey Aunty said...

Hullo Darling,
i read ur (FREE) HK trip and i'm absolutely thrilled that you had lotsa fun. it's great working in the media in times like that huh? u absolutely deserved it. just don't forget to buy me an LV for my birthday. muahaha
and this post, hmmm... i know how it feels. u know what i do? i make my friends walk me to my car, even though they know i can take care of myself then i convince them it's becos i enjoy their company too much. we all need to be pampered not sometimes, but all the time. better than any vitamin, i reckon.
anyway, what's ur email addy ka? personal one and ofis. cos me forgot. XP

Pinkity said...

Funky monkey... Everything comes with a price babe... Means more work while missing one day of work. After everything said, I had great fun. With no cost. Hahahahah...

One of the reasons why I don't get my friends to walk me to the car because sometimes I insist and then it became something everyone took for granted. I am a strange girl.

You know the saying, you don't know what you've got till it's gone? Yeah, maybe I was treated like a girl till I insisted that I should be treated like a girl with girl power. Hahahah... Somehow my fault too. That plus I don't have much guy friends. :(

Being pampered is good. I likes, unfortunately... No one wants to pamper me leh... Any takers?