Thursday, July 06, 2006

Opps I....

Listening to: No Doubt - Running
Feeling: Not too good

I guess I did something wrong when I said goodbye yesterday. I dunno what he thought. I was too afraid to think of what he was thinking. I didn't want this to happen.

Do I have to explain why I did?

"You were the one who told me to try it out with her?"
He said so...

It's true. I did tell him that but maybe I didn't anticipate whatever that might happen at that time. That was my bad.

"What's your point?"
I asked. What's the point exactly when he ask me this? I really had no idea

I had to explain... Can't tell him the truth. I had to tell a half truth to protect myself... maybe to protect him as well

"Remember what I had explained to you? When a guy friend gets a girlfriend, girl {space} friend stays away for a while. This is to avoid misunderstanding"
It was true. I had explained the dynamics of a complicated normal girl and boy to him prior to this. That's how we swing.

No answer from him after that.

I guess I did it again. It's like a defence mechanism I cannot stop. So, I brought this upon myself.


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