Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Time after time

Listening to: Fatman Scoop feat Lumidee - I wanna dance
Feeling: Sleepy

Looking at the calendar, I've just realized that it's already July. Scary how time flies when you're having fun. Right, fun. Hahahahaha...

Working in the magazine line keeps you 3 months ahead as in we are now working on the October issue. Actually, we are already discussing December. Scary ain't it? Can't take it when you think, OK, it's already October and yay... New Year's coming...

Your timing goes a bit woozy and the year ends a few months earlier.

When I first joined, I felt really disorientated. Even now, I sometimes mix the dates up. It's so weird cause when I was in the agency, I have to remember every single day because every single freaking day is a deadline. It's just a matter of which job is due. I never had the problem of oversleeping as well. No matter how late (or early, as in AM) I sleep, I will still be awake by 7.45am and be at work by 8.30am eventhough work starts only at 9am. Now? I praise Guan Yin everytime I wake up by 9. LOL...

With the magazine, days blend into nights and sometimes it feels as though there is no concept of time. The only time is deadline and that's the end of every month.

Sigh... See how a job can totally change you?

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