Thursday, July 27, 2006

New Hobby~

I've got a new hobby!!!!!


I've just paid RM180 for 3 months worth of latin cha cha dancing...

Don't laugh ok? It's damn fun! I am so serious...


the bitch from hell said...

nah. i wouldn't laugh. i just wanna make you feel bad... you owe me $$$... mmmm... rm180 eh... HOHOHO... i'll take that as my interest. LOL. *the most evil laughter you could ever imagine, WAHAHAHAAAHHHAAAAHAAAAA*
no serious, you owe me. LOL. *have i just ruin your day? or worst, now ever time when you dance, feel GUILTY*
OH i'm so evil. i like. LOL.

ms3h0n said...

cha cha cha.... u go girl. remember to teach me some moves *winks*

ps: i finally checked your blog LoL

Pinkity said...

The bitch from hell - And you know I love you too!!!!

Gem - Just to let you know that I check your blog everyday but nothing is updated. UPDATESSS!