Thursday, May 22, 2008

The adventures of Lumewa, Nicgold, Cornie & Jasaiguar

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It's Thursday and I'm home! I'm like thinking if I should start doing my freelance work and decided to blog about Melaka instead.

Yes, we were in Melaka and it was bloody hot. This trip was a girl's trip so the old gang got together and checked into Aldy Hotel for some nostalgic reminiscing of the good ol' days. Ahh but there is never a trip without drama but that's obviously another story...

Frog-chan to Giraffe-chan ikimashyou!

As usual, we took the old route of stopping by Seremban for the usual Hakka noodles and beef noodles while stocking up on coffee. I only had like 3 hours of sleep prior to hopping onto Connie's car. And of course being a new car, it was a non-smoking car! AHHHHH!!!!

We reached Melaka and headed to the hotel immediately. The room was still not ready so we went down to the lounge for a drink or two. I ordered the Banana Milkshake that was the bomb. I wanted another one!

View from our room. Not too bad for something that was kinda within our budget (i.e. CHEAP!)

Wonderful Milkshake!

After we freshened up in our rooms, Gem's colleague who's from Melaka brought us to this fantastic satay place where we had lunch. The sauce had pineapples in it! Unfortunately we were so hungry I did not even think of snapping a few pictures... But I'll gladly go back there for a repeat performance!

After a fulfilling late lunch, we parted way
s with Gem's colleague and decided to look for this Peranakan Museum Seems told us about. Found it as it's just behind Jonker Street and parking was fairly easy to get. I love, love, love the architecture. I swear, with all this technology we are getting stupid. The house has got an air well to light up the living room and to encourage air-flow? Genius..

This is the Peranakan Museum. Worth every single sen of that RM8 we paid.

sky was so damn blue when we were there in Melaka. Compared to the crappy hazy weather in KL, it was a blessing! BUT, because it was cloudless, we had to endure the sun. I prefer that to haze, so bring it on!

Blue skies all the way!

We walked and walked and walked. Shopped a little but ate loads and loads of roadside food. It was actually a miracle that we managed to walk somemore still...

Nicgold aka Sarah N cam-whoring beside Nini's new car!

Didn't do much after that because we were just too tired. And because my camera's battery died, I had to rely on Nicgold for pictures and she has yet to upload them.

I bought a kawaii Frog and from now on will be called F-chan...

F-chan enjoys sightseeing from the car...

F-chan's day out...

What you looking at? F-chan checks out mysterious biker

Just being silly

At the end, we were just super tired. Have some other pictures with Nicgold so will post more up as and when I get it from them!

Long walk home...

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