Friday, May 30, 2008

Pain is...

Listening to: The Gorrilaz - Clint Eastwood
Feeling: A little sad

And I have a confession to make... It has been on my mind for the longest time and I had wondered for the longest time if I should blog about it because it seems so petty written... Well so here it goes...

I have, well I'm thinking more like I HAD a friend who I'm kinda alright with. I won't say we were really close but I had good times with him. We used to chat a lot online. We used to go out for drinks and have good conversations... I like him alot, temper and all. He's an artist and he's got artist behavior... You know, the usual mood swings and stuff. I guess we were good friends.

We went to Genting together for Coffee Bean, we went to KL for geek trips and discussed anime. We had similarities in music and movies. It was cool.

He started dating a friend of mine and everything was still cool. Hiccups here and there but still alright. We still talk, a little less than before but we still talk about silly things. Initially, it was just 10% less than what we usually do. Then it was 50%... suddenly, out of the blue, we just don't talk anymore.

We still go out for drinks, even if he sits in front of me he would talk to everyone else except for me. He would laugh at other people's jokes and look away when I talk. At first, I thought it's just me imagining stuff... But after almost a year of this looking away and ignoring I am questioning why.

Like I say, I have thought about it for the longest time and wondered if it's just me being sensitive but when people start ignoring your questions for the 10339303rd time, it's time to sit up and take notice.

It's a childish, 'Why you don't friend me' question but it's bothering me. What happened between us? There was no fall outs or anything. We didn't fight. We didn't disagree on something. It just happened. And it is bothering me because I care enough about this person to waste my time caring about this.

It is painful when someone you genuinely care about and like ignores you like that. I wonder what happened...

Chotto sabishii ne...

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