Wednesday, May 14, 2008


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Just got back from a drink with Fun and Jye and something weird happened. Everything was fine and dandy and suddenly rain started falling. And a gust of wind and all of a sudden we could smell this horrible hazy smell.

It's so odd. Even though the weather was erratic but this is just plain weird.

Last Monday, I was in Jarred & Rawlins in Bukit Damansara with Zoe and Sums for lunch and we felt a tremor. Like someone heavy walking pass. And I thought, ah must be the construction next door but Zoe grabbed my arm and said, 'OMFG, did you feel that? That's an earthquake!" and freaked out.

OK, we're in PJ? And uhm.. chances of experiencing an earthquake is like, maybe NIL?

"No, Fa I swear, I felt an earthquake before and that was it. That swaying feeling."

Well, I have to admit that we were seated on solid ground and the swaying was not exactly like anything else I've ever felt before. I had to agree with Zoe that it might be an earthquake. We went back to our offices and tried checking online to see if anyone else felt that but no one else did. Fushigi ne?

With these horrible disasters happening all around the world, Myanmar and China being hit with terrible catastrophe, I couldn't help but wonder if it's God's way of saying, 'Shut the fuck up and enjoy what you still have because it's gonna be the end of the world soon.'

Really scary thought but, who knows?

Shou ga nai.. We're so selfish. Thinking that we can conquer earth must be the stupidest mistake we've ever made since the philosophers think they can decipher what the stars meant.

Do your part. Know that you're only renting this space on earth from God. One day, your leasehold contract with God will end and you're outta here. You don't own anything.

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