Sunday, May 25, 2008

Amazing Things

Listening to: Clazziquai - Gentle Giant
Feeling: Excited about work

It has been an exciting weekend. My first article was published. Drove up and down Genting alone. Went to Tamarind Springs for the first time with my bunch of amazing friends for me and Gem's surprise birthday dinner (well, the location was a surprise). Discovered most of my 'missing' jewelry and accessories. Got signed up for a cupcake decorating class next month courtesy of Drama as a bday pressie *hearts!!* Was present at a mummy-to-be heart-to-heart (No, the mommy is not me) Turning 26 tomorrow.

It's amazing that so many good things can happen in two short days. Will blog about it when I get the pictures.


Silly Little Prince said...

mind you that the class is confirmed, 10am - 1pm. on the 14th June. For more details contact DRAMA.

Yi Hwa said...

YAY! I've already marked that day down already!!!