Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jdrama Addiction

Listening to: Texas - Say what you want
Feeling: Like I need a drink

I had nothing much to do over the weekend so I decided to trawl crunchyroll.com (obviously the best thing ever since sliced bread and a/c). Finished watching Sayonara Zentsubo Sensei and had nothing else to watch, except for some dramas I had bookmarked from before.

Random clicking happened and by chance, just by chance, I came upon 'My Boss, My Hero'. Haiyo... so damn corny I thought but what the hey... the synopsis was pretty cute, (yakuza tough guy forced to go to high school... hrmm OK) so clicked on the first episode and did not look back... I mean... COMEON!!!


My Boss My Hero
My Boss, My Hero

This guy, I swear to God. Is evil. He charmed me at first frame!

Anyone this insanely good looking should be locked away and sent to me. I will educate them

Mr Nagase Tomoya is my latest obsession.

He's the lead singer for TOKIO. He used to be a backup dancer for some hot group as well. And he acts really well. Ugh... and oh so pretty! Why am I not born in Japan? AND on top of all that... He used to date Ayumi Hamasaki. Got dumped though.. Boy, he can sure come and cry on MY shoulder. Le sigh...

Look at this!!!

God is so unfair sometimes. Ayumi must had been acting on a moment of craziness to dump this SNAG!

And yeah, so that's my new obsession at the moment. Bear with me until this phase ends. And now I'm off to watch more Mukodono!


niC_Lo said...

yihwa yihwa yihwa~ tsk tsk~

Pinkity said...

Comeon Nic, I'm a healthy, hormonal (HAHAH) girl.. Still not over Gerard Butler and Orlando Bloom (just so you know...)

niC_Lo said...

Gerard Butler???? SINCE WHEN????

Good lordy! gerard and orly bloomy are like at the opposite ends of a spectrum!

Pinkity said...

I KNOWWW!! I am so well known for my versatility..

:D Anything also can.. they don't call me skanky for nothing!


4 Leaf Clover said...

no la.he looks more hot with black hair.