Thursday, May 15, 2008

Living like a princess

Listening to: Piped music
Feeling: High class

And so my spa review got pushed to tomorrow and I am here with nothing to do till tomorrow. I'm just waiting for my Mukodono to finish loading and I'm gonna run back to my comfy room and just chill there till dinner!

Mandarin Oriental is officially effing coolass. The King and Queen of Jordan is in the house... Room's got a nice view. They have Asprey bath range in the room. And uber comfy king sized bed! Can live like this forever can or not? Only poo-poo is that I can't connect my mac laptop in the room. Boo!

I'm in the Club Lounge now (they serve coffee and scones for tea with wifi access and CAN smoke!) waiting and waiting. Lucky brought my laptop if not I'll be stuck with nothing to do!

This week is turning out to be mighty fine!


4 Leaf Clover said...

bring me la..
f.y.i. , u belum answer me yet :(

Silly Little Prince said...

living the highway already!!!

Yi Hwa said...

I feel like a high class whore ala Pretty Women!! HAahah..