Friday, May 30, 2008

Love is... Patience

Listening to: Mika Nakashima - Find the way
Feeling: A little bewildered

"You don't know this but a few months before we broke up, me and Z my bestfriend were looking at engagement rings. I really wanted to marry N"

I sat there stunned. After all, N has bitched to no end about this guy, X. X was a bad person, X speaks to me with no respect. X doesn't have time to spend with me. X had another girl before he broke up with me.

X also had his fair share of bitchings and rantings. N is selfish. N is egoistical. I had tried so hard to change N. N is possessive.

I was stunned.

It is shitty to know this now when both parties has embarked onto yet another relationship. N received a diamond ring from current beau and seem happy. X is seeing someone else and seems happy as well.

But looking back, if they had been a little more patience they might have been happily married. There are times when knowing too much is sad. This is one of those moments.

Looking at it this way, its odd that sometimes chances flit between your fingers and impatiently you swat it away thinking its an annoying fly. And that chance might just never come back to you ever again.

It is not in my position to say anything about this situation, but one can't help but wonder... What if at that one moment someone backed down and said sorry. The ending might have been so much more different.

But it is too late now...

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