Sunday, December 25, 2005

Have yourself a merry little Christmas...

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I am pissed at Photobucket for not able to upload pictures and therefore headed towards Flickr to register myself a new account. Why should I stick to only one good thing when I can have both I mean, not that I have no brand loyalty but I really need to post up some pictures or I'll just burst. But that's besides the point...

Merry Freaking Xmas~

It is officially the 25th of December. Oh my, how time flies.. Feels as though last year's Xmas just happened last week. Although I really cannot remember what I did then, but it felt like yesterday.

Had been really extremely crazily busy, trying to close Feb and all. I had to miss Tania's Xmas party because of that. I felt bad but then, work comes first these days. I'll try making it up tomorrow. We were supposed to have lunch then, with Marina and the whole gang. Hurrah..

That aside, check out what I've found during my visit to Friendster cafe today?

Camho HoF3

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Friendster cafe wall of fame...

Guess who's pictures' there?

Camho HoF2

Camho HoF

These are all pictures posted on my blog. I stood there wondering how the hell they got it and printed it out. Oh my god, I kinda freaked for a while. Then I realized... Bloody.. there is such a thing called the Technorati search. All questions answered and I stood there thinking... "Being a cam-ho has its benefits after all.." kakakakaka

Camho HoF4
This is one of the earlier pictures posted up on the wall of shame fame, taken using Friendster's camera...

And while we were there, of course have to take a few pictures right?

Xmas at Friendster's. Only me, Nini and GG went because of the last minute change of plans

I wanted to try blowing on something...

I obviously thought it was really fun, so I blew some more

GG and Nini decided that it looked pretty fun and blew along with me too

No, unfortunately, we didn't countdown at Friendster's. We should have. Me and my bloody intuition. Kay invited us for a little drinking session in a pub in OUG. Well, we arrived (after having to persuade Nini that it would be fab) at about 11 something and up we went to a decidedly dingy, old looking and dodgy looking scary looking pub. GG and Nini gave me shit that we ended up here. Well, hey, I didn't know that it's like that in the first place. In the end, it was pretty ok. Not fantastic. Just ok. GG and Nini stared daggers at me when they started playing S.H.E's Superstar. Whoopz...

That pretty much summed up my Christmas eve. Just OK.

Still, I preferred the buildup to Christmas..



A pretty cake some hotel sent us. Looks damn good but taste icky

We had a little gift exchange thingy at the office. Had a cute little Christmas tree, some sponsored red wine and leftover junk food from Fraser's. Woot, it was a fun party! Other people started going to their places to bring their private stash of food to share...

Office Party2
Me and Mabs, the confused Santa and Reindeer combo headgear girl

Office Party1
Mabs looking all pretty

Office Party3
Pink M&Ms! Cherry flavored Kisses!! Merry Xmas all!

Lastly, my latest addiction.. Anything to do with Steve Jobs... hahha

iPod Mini in Kickass Green!

I am a horrible person. But special love and thanks to Drama for being such a wonderful bitch and selling this to me for only RM500 (+iTrip). Wonderfully new, it even came wrapped in its original wrappings. It was wonderfully taken care of.. sighs.. Thanks again...

That's it for now.. Love the holiday seasons... No work on Monday!! YEAHHHHHHH!

More about presents I've received in my next post!


JoeC said...

Merry Jolly Christmas KittyKat, may there be many happy returns!

I think you've been hanging out at the cafe looong enough for them the recognize you as a blogger.... say, that joint is in D'sara Mutiara? Cheers!

Pinkity said...

Aiks... Prolly they did... They actually commented on my blog before for 'advertising' for them. We were there when they first opened up and till now. Heheh.. we're like regulars... The food there's good! I swear.. not because they posted up pictures of us heheh.. Portions are huge.. I ordered once the Singapore fried Beehoon and it came in like a portion for three. Not bad.. Try their Cappuccino and baby cappuccino. Cute!!! And nice! :p

It's located at Damansara Perdana, check out my links page.. the owner's blogsite's there.

Penguin said...

I know... the pub in OUG is bad but I was there for all the different reasons. And no, it is not to get drunk silly. But to be there to support Darren's gf first gig. And also to show to Darren... buddies are there for him in his highs and lows. Believe me, he had his share. After that, I wanted to meet u guys at Friendster, then I was reminded via SMS that I got a meeting tomorrow morning at 8am. You know how workalcholic I am... it takes more alcohol to drain that away. :) My apologies nevertheless, for the 777.

Pinkity said...

Nah.. not your fault thought you owe us coffee and ice creams and chocolates!!!