Sunday, December 25, 2005

Summary of 2005

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So it's the 25th, 6 more days till 'next year'. Love that word. Next year... Like G just said yesterday, 'Eh, pay you back for the drinks Next Year ah..."

So near, yet so far.. Aigh.... So before I actually forget to blog about this, here it goes...

*My dramatic year in point forms*
1. Had my first ever car-crash (and I hope the last) with another Kelisa. The other driver barged out from the side of the road. I was going straight. Baby went to car hospital for about 3 weeks, and I had to rent a Kancil to bring me around. Went home happy thinking that insurance is intact because I was in the right of way. Only after ten months I realized that they claimed for the accident on my insurance.

2. Came to realize that my friend turned boss is in fact a back stabbing bitch from hell. Subsequently got 'fired' but I 'fired' him back. One of the few times when I actually stood up for myself.

3. A change of jobs, my second in the publishing line. Loads of work to be done but it feels good. Suddenly I realize I am a workaholic too. Fashion writing is not the easiest thing to do.

4. Bought my first iBook. May there be many more to come.

5. Got my first iPod. Secondhand by nevertheless still an iPod.

6. Birth of my high school friend, Amy's baby little Nicole.

7. Cindy's hen's night (my first) and wedding (my second)

8. G and Kay's back for good (or worst.. hahah J/K G!)

Things I've learnt

1. Good friends who are worth keeping is like a good bra from Blush!, they give you great support.

2. After a certain incident, realized that friends are great, but in small dosages.

3. There is only that much you can help someone.

4. Cherating Club Med/Avillion Port Dickson is where I want to have my wedding reception at.

5. Blogging is a good form of release.

6. So much people out there to meet, interviews are now my favorite part of job.

7. Met some celebs. Realized that they are human after all...

And what I've learnt, the hard way*

1. Also realized that if you don't like something about a friend, it might just be blown out in proportions if not released. Could lead to losing a friend. Be more truthful towards friends.

2. I can't do the trapeze even if my life depended on it.

3. People do change.

4. Too much cigarettes could kill but coffee is my best friend now.

That's it for now.. That's all I can think of now.. More if I can remember!


@ロウ 。LOW@ said...

...a back stabbing bitch from hell...yeah i knew someone like that. Now i found the perfect words to describe them!!! Thanks!!! :P a good bra from Blush!...Well, i'll try my best to understand that one, huh...girls, complicated? :)

...interviews are now my favorite part of job...of course it is, imagine you when are interviewee...

People do change.Let's hope for the better change? :)

Merry Belated Christmas and Happy Incomin' New Year!

*Eh, continue your rumble next year ah, it's getting late this year d ma..:)*

Pinkity said...

Heheh.. glad I've been of service for you..

the good bra from Blush! part, you won't understand until you've really tried a pair on... which you won't, I hope but I assure you that it feels so damn good. Hehe..

People do change, for better or for worst..