Sunday, December 04, 2005

Idiot Rempets

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So I was driving Sarah S back to her place in Ampang. We passed the front of Phileo Damansara when I noticed a big group of 'Mat Rempets' (motorcyclist, usually malays who rides in gangs, performing stunts like the flying supermans and takes delight in terrorizing innocent drivers like me. They crawl out of the woodwork usually after midnight) in front of the Shell Petrol Station. And when I say big, I mean BIG. There are prolly about 50 of them hanging by the highway, smoking and chatting away, occasionally looking at the direction of the highway, as though they were expecting something to happen.

It's unusual to see these Mat Rempets along the LDP or Sprint highway. As I usually go home late, I have somehow mastered the technic to dodge these annoying mother fuckers idiots. Either allow them to go first, or drive ahead of them. They hunt in packs and if you were to offend them, they might gang up on you and vandalize your car. Or if you're unlucky, they might beat you up too. I hate the fact that I might get into an accident because I had to avoid these assholes. They drive as though the road belongs to them, swerving in and out of lanes without looking back. They drive like the wind. Sometimes I wonder if they had ever modified their engines to be able to outdrive my baby SLK (Sweet Little Kelisa). Oh and did I mention they love showing off? They'll wait till they cut in front of your car and they'll start performing. Flying superman is when they lie vertical on the motorcycle seat while driving even faster.

Wow.. I applaud you Mat Rempets for being brave and fearless. I admire your skills. In fact, I think you belong to the circus. I shall name you guys monkeys on wheels. (Though monkeys might have more brains than them.)

Anyway, back to my story...

So I continued driving. Going back to Ampang would usually take about 20 minutes, with me going at 80 - 90 kmph. Throughout the journey, those Mat Rempets were out on full force. They were everywhere. All the way from PJ to KL to Ampang back to KL back to PJ. It's really scary to think that even the police might not be able to stop them because they were so many of them. AND, where are the policemen when you need them? I was pretty close to calling the police to tip them off. Too bad I don't know the hotline number. Was it 991 or 999 or 911 anyway? They kept changing it. I've lost track.

I always wonder, why do these people have so much time in their hands to play 'Cheating death'? Every cut and stunt that they do, I worry for them. I mean, it's not nice to see a dead body sprawling across the highway on a lovely Saturday night. What a way it would be to end a perfect day. Idiots. I just have to bitch about this.


niC Lo said...

999 or 911 will do fine. Yes. 911. They have 911 in our country. Just dial 911 at first. If no one picks up or theres no answer, call 999 then.

I should know. Based on experience.

Call me when you're free, Miss Lum. Have i got a tale for you. =I

@ロウ 。LOW@ said...

I sugguest you drive slow past them, let them be. No worth to get into trouble with these guys, or, uh, girls.

I've always keep the phone number of the closest police station. In this case, Police Station Damansara Utama (03-7718 5212) might be helpful. My office is around that area :)

You might want to have this number as well, Police KL HQ (03-2115 9999). 999 or 911 will be the last number i'll dial, really. I can't wait for them passing the line around...

Multi-cultural, including those 'Mat Rempets'. Truely Malaysia!

Pinkity said...

Thanks for them tips. I seem to need these numbers every year. =_=; I've saved the D'mansara number down. It's near where I stay. :| Don't hope to use it but then, it's better to have than not~

juan1252 said...

there was one i was driving on LDP, and there were these "mats", one of them zoom pass me very quickly, drove like a madman, swerving left and thing i know, when i went further down the road, ppl were crowding around a bike on the left side of the road...i think he went inti an accident....