Sunday, December 04, 2005

Pandora's Box

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I've been writing some 'stupid' fictions lately. I don't know. I freak out about work and I can't sleep. I should be writing my bloody tech column, but my brain won't work for me. But then when I lay my fingers on the keyboard, it moves by itself and types =_=; Weird. But i kinda like it. Hahahah.. I am weird...

While I'm still on the topic of stories, I absolutely love Greek mythology. What's odd is that while I was opening the front door just now, I was thinking 'We're living in a world of evil because Pandora opened the Box. Where is Hope? Is it still at the bottom of the box?' Out of all myths, one my favorite would have to be Pandora's Box.

Apparently, we used to live in a world devoid of pain, betrayal, lust, anger and bad things like that. One day, Mercury left a box tied with strong golden cords with Pandora and her mate (can't remember his name). Mercury told them to not open the box no matter what. The beautifully carved box was left in a corner of their house. Pandora's mate left the house to play outside. Pandora stayed back, she was intrigued by the voices she heard from inside the box. She touched it, and a voice called out beseechingly, 'Dear Pandora, let us out.' Pandora was confused. She was not sure if she should. Mercury had told her not to. But as time passed, the voices became sweeter, and the pleading continued. Then she decided to take a peep of what's inside the box. She'll just take a little look and close it back. Who knows, Mercury could be hiding gold inside. She tried untying the cords. It was hard, but in the end, she succeeded. She lifted the lid a little to take a peek but before she could look inside, her mate came into the room and saw her opening the box. At the same moment, many little winged sprites flew out. They bit Pandora and her mate and flew out of the room and for the first time, Pandora felt pain. Her mate was bitten too and he cried out in anger and started scolding Pandora for opening the box. That was the first argument. Pandora quickly banged the lid close and started crying. Her mate continued scolding her. After a while, she stopped crying and she heard a lovely voice calling out to her. 'Pandora, let me out. I shall cure you of your pain.' Pandora thought what's the harm by opening it again, since most it had flew out anyway. She opened the box again and out flew a beautiful sprite with white wings. The sprite said, 'I am Hope, and I have always accompanied Lust, Greed, Pain and Lies. Even if these things have hurt you, I will come and heal you.' With that the sprite brushed its snowy wings onto the wounds that was on Pandora and her mate. The wounds healed and Pandora stopped crying. Hope then flew out of the window, healing the others who had been bitten. That is why when there is hardship, Hope is always there to accompany it.

Hope cures all things evil.

I hope I got it correct. Would try looking for the actual story to post. Sad to say, again, the women is the one who did the big boo boo. Remember Eve? What the.. so what, we're the trouble maker?


More updates on Elaine's baby shower tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

oOoOohhhh heheheh guess where the original story is sitting at?? heheheeh

Pinkity said...

I hope not in your toilet. Or something.... Bloody!