Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Things that Pink fancies...

Listening to: Peter Pan - Mungkin Nanti
Feeling: Bleh

Inspired by Trent from Pinkisthenewblog, I've decided that I should give that top 5 albums of the year thingy.. Loads of pictures to load, so there won't be much text. Muuaehaeh

Top 5 CDs to get, really
Support original CDs

Fish Leong Silk Road
Fish's Silk Road had been playing in my car CD player ever since I bought it from her concert venue. Still love it, still don't really understand what she's singing. The Power of Love Songs is a great buy too~

This is really worth a try... Thanks Sarah N for sharing this with me!

Up till now, Delovely is still a regular in my playlist.. Had been playing it for a year! O.o I surprise myself. Thanks Kst for influencing me!

Phantom of the Opera
What's wrong with liking The Phantom of the Opera? It rocks!

Ashley Simpson - Autobiography
Despite the whole lip-synching incident, I still love her...

Ashley Simpson - I am me
It's a tie. I still rock to 'Boyfriend' when I need a picker-upper

6 Fragrances that Rocked, and rocks still.. In no particular order
I smell good!

DKNY for Her. I've coveted this since high school and still have not owned it yet.. Maybe next month...

J'Adore by Christian Dior. This is like one of the sexiest scents ever... Still in my to buy list

cKone by Calvin Klein. Light and refreshing, can never go wrong with this...

Summer Pleasures
Special Edition Summer Pleasures by Estee Lauder. It's only out during summer and it always seems that its there when I have no cash at all.. every year without fail

Lancome Aromatonic
Aromatonic by Lancome. The green one is just simply delicious.. Another one on my to buy list...

Issey Miyaki
Issey Miyaki. Perfect when you need a feel good day~

Cosmetics I can't live without
Because we're worth it...

purestay 2
Maybelline Pure Stay. A light dusting on normal outing to get a flawless finish and SPF protection


God Sent
Maybelline Wonder Finish. This for the evening. Superb coverage for translucent skin!

Prescriptives Liner
Prescriptives Liquid Liner in Black. For dramatic eyes. Especially useful if you have small eyes!

L'oreal Panoramic Curl Mascara in Black. Because we Asians need them length.

Blush Rose
Maybelline Pure Blush. By far the best blush I've ever used. Can't find them around nowadays. I think it's discontinued.

Juicy Tube
Lancome Juicy Tubes. Who needs collagen when you have Juicy Tubes. Smell and tastes like berries! NICE!

Thats it for now.. 2am and I need the bed pronto..


JoeC said...

hey, will try some of the music stuff and them juicy tubes too. Cheers!

LadyGem said...

Issey Miyake.... That's what I have had my eyes on for awhile now *hint hint*

Pinkity said...

JoeC, you sure u wanna do the Juicy tube? oh man.. that's like a girl thing ok?

Gem, OK, one Issey for you and one Coach iPod case for me. Yay!

JoeC said...

Have a Smashing Happy New Year!

JoeC said...

gotcha on the tube thingy... keke