Friday, December 16, 2005

I had been a bum

Listening to: Stephane Pompugnac - Sous de Soleil
Feeling: Fucking tired

Nah, not really. I've never been any busier in my whole entire life. Just left the office at about 12am and went for a short drink with G and Hamham. Have so much to post, but so little time! *wails*

Went to Fraser's and back (more on this later)
Interviewed a really nice, George Clooney lookalike DJ. I LIIIKKEEE (more on this later)
Shitload of work (more on this too later)

Just a post to let people know that I am not dead (yet) and just bursting to tell about everything that happened but just that I don't have the time to spew. Laterz!


JoeC said...

yesyes... do post it.. start spilling the beans like a broken dam...have a nice weekend then. Cheers!

Pinkity said...

Like an open dam? Wow.. abit the extreme right? hahaha.. will start posting often soon...