Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Accidently in Love *NoT!* Where's my happy ending?

~Where is my happy ending? Princess Hwa laments.. When is Prince Charming coming over to pick me up in his shiny white Audi TT? she continues. The princess drops onto her bed, and cried out in despair, I am doomed to eternal loneliness, forever locked up in this doorless tower. *cue for lightning* ~

T-T I am so bored...Yeah.. back in office. Have a report to write but I rather do this. I think I should just quit my job and get funding to study the effects of blogging on office workers.. Isn't that fun? And when I do get money to do that research I would write a book on it. And during my book signing ceremony, this handsome, dashing rich man would ask me to print my lipmark on his page. He would then say he would want to return the favour by asking me out for dinner in this expensive french restaurant, where he would tell me that I have the most beautiful eyes and confess that..... he is gay and would need my advice on how to please his.... man. Ugh!

I think I have my career mapped out for me.. I should be a Jackie Collins type writer. Or maybe Virginia Andrews type, with incest and all.. Or maybe Sarah Jessica Parker Sex & the City style. Heh.. Gosh.. I can write up a nice one.. I already have all the materials I need in my head. I am such a bloody drama.

Anyhowz, it's a Tuesday morning. Very soon it'll be Wednesday. How time flies when you have nothing to do. =_=; I am talking crap again..

Oh.. Will be having my first outstation trip with my Client next month. Feeling quite nervous and at the same time, bored... cuz, dun think it would be fun at all.. hanging out with someone who is like 5 years o more older than me. T-T ah.. Time hurry up!!! Hurry up and let 2005 come~

~Suddenly the princess hears the mighty roar of engine, she runs from her bed to the only window of the lonely doorless tower. Down below, is a gleaming white Audi TT. Ah, she gasped, my prince is here to save me. Oh noble knight, this tower is enchanted and you have to bring the following items to break the curse!!! The princess was estatic... Oh prince, please do break the curse.. To repay your kindness, my father, the King would reward you handsomely!! You can have ANYTHING that you would want!!! Out of the gleaming white car, a man far more handsome and tall than any of the princess has seen stepped out. Ah, the princess swooned, this man has looks that rivals to Sir Bloom's. I want to be his wife and he can be the King of my father's kingdom!! The noble man looked towards the window where the princess was standing. The princess blushed, red as a beautiful rose. Fair princess, he said, if I am not too bold to ask.. Which way to the Mardi Gras? I am part of the Gay Pride parade. And the handsome sir can only hear a loud crash as the princess fell onto the floor. And she now lives happily ever after alone in the lonely tower with only one window in the middle of the woods~

Moral of the story is, no cute & rich men are straight in this world. If there is, come over and prove it to me!!! *sniggers*

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