Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I don't wanna know

Feeling sleepy, lethargic and missing something (my bed) After our long and heated discussion ystrday nite, Sarah, Gem and I agreed that we should be as cordial as possible to Nini as we possibly could. (i.e. fake)

No one should know what we talk about, and when we bitch, no one should be there to hear us bitch. It should be only just three of us.. Why be cordial to Nini even when we feel so angry towards her? Cuz I think maybe she should get another chance? Also because that she has actually done no wrong to us. (on the surface, emotionally... that's another story)

Maybe that's why everyone thinks that we are in the wrong, because, basically she has done nothing and all we did was bitch. That is pretty bad. So, it is agreed amongst us that we drop the bitch habit and see what happens.

It is pretty heartbreaking when one day when we were having a coffee in one of the more popular coffee joints 'Central Perk' (heh) when Nini's fave boy (jst a friend boy)Moo 'Have you ever thought that it might be your problem that we do not wanna hang out with you guys?' I was like.... total silence. In my heart, it was breaking, cause it is saddening to hear something from someone like Moo. Cuz he had been a friend of mine since high school. And he used to be such a sweet guy. I am starting to think that Nini might be poisoning her mind.

As Sarah puts it, Nini has conquered all of our chess pieces. Our rooks and knights has been taken. And Sarah is pretty adamant that her cousin, TCM will not fall into her trap. I am not worried bout TCM, but more on Moo, cuz he has a soft heart and is kind of naive. Am afraid that he might just believe whatever she says (assuming that she IS saying something)

Right now, I do not know what we are doing is right or wrong, but they always say 'All's fair in love and war' So, should we just back off or what? I don't wanna know what she is saying about us.. and I don't wanna know what other people think of me, but why am I feeling this way?

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