Saturday, June 19, 2004

A week's worth of news

Another Friday~ And it's been a week since I wrote.. Been pretty buzy, wish was granted.. now have loads of work to do.. mostly rushed, so it's pretty stressful..

Got some news ystrday from Kst, told me tht he is together with Moo's ex girlfriend, Ryl. Well, I'm not too sure how Moo would take it. Cuz tho he had told us tht he is very over Ryl, I dunt think that he would take the news calmly. Kst was like 'I dunno how I'm going to tell Moo..' Hmm.. I was like 'Well, tell him only when u are ready.. meanwhile, my lips are sealed.' After all, I think he should hear it from the horse's mouth... They just got together a few days ago. Honestly, I don't like Ryl too much. Think she is quite a player and I was actually kinda upset of what she did to Moo. But really, I can't be biased cuz I am only listening in on one side of the story.. So it's nothing to do with me.. Think my role is to lend a shoulder when Moo needs one. So, shall just watch the events unfold in front of me.. Maybe this news about Kst and Ryl should not even be known by Moo. Oh well.. we'll see.

On a happier note, one of my school mates is getting married O_o Which is quite scary cuz, after all, we are only 22 -_-; And what the.. I am not even attached yet! But her boyfriend proposed twice and she accepted the second time.. Really wish her the very very best.. Seems that getting married at such an early age doesn't bother her at all..

Think my mum is afraid that I won't get a boyfriend cuz I am fat. Which is pretty shitty cuz, why is physical outlook be so important in this society? Don't tell me all fat and ugly people should just dig a hole and hide themself inside it till they grow thinner or hopefully grow more beautiful?

I am not bitching about this because I am fat or anything.. it's just sometimes the looks that i get when I walk out on the streets. Issit by being fat, I should hide myself at home? I think fat people and thin people deserves to get the same kind of treatment. Even if you do not think that I am attractive or anything, you can just give me a little bit of respect. What happened to the good old days of virtues and personality comes first? Sigh..

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